Life is a trip... make it a good one.

I like to think I’ve only booked trips for friends and family because that’s how I approach every client.

Creating your dream trip to Italy, Ireland, or selecting the perfect cruise is not simply a job for me. I feel very lucky to be a part of the excitement as we have extensive pre-trip discussions; I begin planning the details and ultimately hear when you return: “It was the best trip we have taken!”

Having backpacked through Europe in college, I found myself consistently drawn back to Italy. Over the years I’ve been back many times and now enjoy guiding clients through selecting the locations that will most excite them.

  • a special walking tour of Rome

  • hiking along the coast in Cinque Terra

  • finding plenty of time to sit in a piazza for people watching

Helping to design your perfect vacation means I’m always thinking about travel!

  • I read about travel.

  • I try new excursions.

  • I eat strange new foods.

  • I explore new places from a Panama Canal Cruise to a river cruise from Paris, all in an effort to find the perfect experience for you.

If you want someone who cares as much about your trip as you do and want help to make it perfect, I would be honored to work with you.